What is the state of the moving industry in 2023?

Second, economic pressures could cause more people to try DIY removals, instead of hiring professional removals. Despite fewer landlords moving locally, the overall outlook for the moving industry seems to return to pre-pandemic norms. The COVID-19 years were a very, long and busy season for moving. Now that the housing market has calmed down in most areas due to rising interest rates and inflation, Moving has followed suit.

International and long-distance moving continues to increase, as people are left with hybrid and remote work schedules. Rising interest rates prevent many from moving locally and exchanging their 3% mortgages for 6% or 7% mortgages. The years of the COVID-19 pandemic have put moving customers and moving companies on the same team. One of the best moving tips for those moving to residence is to take an exhaustive inventory of their belongings, not only for the moving company to be honest, but also for your peace of mind.

Having dedicated more than 30 years to residential construction, contracting, remodeling, maintaining and repairing homes, Deane now contributes informative, financial and DIY content as a freelance writer and consultant for several publications. Throughout his career, he strived to help his clients discover the potential hidden within the walls of every home and to empower them to take control of their home repair and remodeling efforts. Deane's main professional objective is to share knowledge related to the home and to provide self-sufficiency tools to as wide an audience as possible. The moving industry is a large and complex industry that is constantly evolving.

In recent years, the sector has experienced a series of changes, such as the rise of online moving companies, the growing popularity of home removals and the growing demand for sustainable moving services. The popularity of online moving companies is due to several factors, including the convenience of booking a move online, price transparency and the ability to compare quotes from several companies. Of course, local movements are still taking place, representing around 56.7% of the total, but the statistics are considerably more uniform than they used to be. Their virtual moving services also include an online tracking system, allowing customers to follow the progress of their move in real time.

Deeper analysis of the data can help landlords and tenants find the most economical way to move around the country or county. Customers can manage some aspects of the move independently and delegate other tasks to the moving company. However, it is estimated that 25% of the people who made this type of move during the pandemic returned to where they were before. Organizing a garage sale or responsibly discarding unwanted items before the move can make a significant difference.

This tool will allow customers to provide information about their home inventory, including photos and video footage, which the team will then analyze to provide an accurate estimate of the cost of the move. This is especially true in “expensive” states, such as New York, where people choose to move to “cheaper” states. Adults (1%) say they changed their residence due to the pandemic or know someone who did so when 60% moved with a family member. Moving on your own can be time consuming and physically demanding, so it's important to make sure you have the skills and experience necessary to make the move safely.

This approach is constructive for people who travel long distances, as carrying large sums of money during a move can be difficult. Although it is not a legal obligation, it is recommended to take out moving insurance, especially if you are thinking about moving to another country. Knowledge is power and knowing what to look for will streamline the process of finding professional removals.