What is the hardest part of moving?

Moving from home to a new city is very promising.

Moving companies

won't take your plants, but you can simply put your pots in boxes and place them in the trunk or place them in the back seats of the car. If you move to the other side of town or a short distance away, there is a chance that they will survive without further delay. However, moving across the country is a completely different matter.

You can take them with you, whether you are driving or flying to your final destination, but you must prepare them very carefully, and even then, there is no guarantee that they will survive. Also, check the local regulations of your future state or country first to make sure you can “import” your plants and how much you'll have to pay. As for garden plants, it's best to take some cuttings and plant them in your new home. Also, consider the fact that new soil, air humidity and climate may not be appropriate.

If you insist on moving a specific garden plant for a personal reason, dig it up beforehand, wrap the roots with enough soil in burlap cloth, keep it moist, and be very careful. In a terrarium with reptiles, amphibians or insects (the transfer procedures would be very similar to those described above, but with an additional concern), it is necessary to eliminate any possibility of an animal escaping. The fish will stay in the water and, even if they don't succeed, at least they won't cause any more harm. A snake poking out of a poorly sealed bag can cause a lot of problems.

When it comes to the glass container and the plants, the aquarium rules and the tips for plants apply. All of the above are very difficult things to move from your old house, so decide if it's worth all the money and all the efforts. Very often, it's much better to simply sell or donate all the things that are difficult to move, except for items of high sentimental value that are irreplaceable and pets that are part of the family. Whatever you decide, remember that professional moving companies can provide you with invaluable help: their help and advice will help you get out of the mess.